Dear Parents:

This workshop is designed to help students develop a broader understanding of themselves and explore the world of work and post secondary education options. As we all know, a good fit between one’s personal characteristics and career choice leads to greater job satisfaction and long term success.

Most people want help with this process. 80% of graduating high school students report needing help with education or occupational plans.  With an average of 400 students to 1 guidance counselor, students will benefit from receiving more support and direction for their future plans.

This workshop is a good investment.  Did you know that only 58% of students who begin college actually finish within 6 years?  Students who choose a good fit based upon their interests have higher GPAs and are more likely to persevere in college and complete their degrees in a timely manner.  Each additional year required to complete a four year degree may cost on average $46,000.00 when tuition and lost wages are considered.  

Academic skills alone are not sufficient to ensure success; they are only one part of the equation for success in college and the workplace.  In a recent study, ACT described an integrated and holistic framework which includes 4 domains:  core academic skills, cross-cutting capabilities like problem solving, behavioral skills, and career education and navigation skills to prepare students for education and workplace success.

Workshop participants will be guided through an exploratory process focused on learning more about themselves, understanding the importance of fit between the self and career, and how to use this knowledge to plan for their future. 

- The Compass Crew