This workshop facilitates a variety of exercises for the purpose of discovering possible career interests. Participants identify, broaden and utilize their self-knowledge to develop insights about their future and understand the importance of holistic career planning. We welcome motivated participants eager to identify and use their strengths and interests for the purpose of career planning. 

The Pathfinder workshop is the start of it all and will help you explore:

your Values and why they are important to you.

your key Strength & Improvement areas.

your Interests and why they matter.

your personality type and potential Career Paths.

Goal Setting for Success.

Long Term benefits include:

Greater self-awareness

Career exploration ideas 

Realistic and attainable goals

Education cost savings

Connection with new peers

Career management skills

FAQ about the Pathfinder Workshop: 

Who benefits from this workshop? Any high school student wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves and potential career paths they might want to explore further. 

Will it feel like another day of school? Well that depends… If school is filled with fun and engaging activities, provokes great conversations, and allows one to make lasting connections with new people… then yes it is just like school. 

As a parent why should I send my teen to this workshop? You should check out our letter to parents to see just some of the major benefits of our Pathfinder Workshop. 


July 18, 2019